Zoning and Planning Issues

It is a fact of life that private property rights are now governed by complex laws called zoning and subdivision regulations.

The owner of private property is restricted as to the lawful uses to which he may put his property. Lawful uses are generally categorized as residential, commercial, and industrial.

What was once a lawful use of real property may now no longer be allowed. Certain uses, although presently allowed, may not be allowed if the present use is discontinued for a specific length of time.

It may be unlawful for you to divide your real estate into two parcels, intending one as a residence for your children. Such may be considered an unlawful subdivision.

However, you may mistakenly be told by the regulatory authorities, that you cannot do something, when in fact you can. The laws involved are very complex. They are subject to interpretation. You will need a lawyer to advocate your position.

Don't always take no for an answer.